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Waterproof Fabrics

is polyester waterproof? In fact, ordinary polyester fabrics themselves are not waterproof. The moisture content of polyester materials is very low, only about 0.4%. However, the shape of polyester fibers can be changed to create grooves on the fiber surface, thereby forming a capillary effect and achieving moisture absorption and quick drying. Purpose. In order to achieve the opposite purpose of waterproofing, we must post-finish the polyester fabric to add various functions.

SIKOR-TEX's PUL and TPU waterproof fabrics feature durable water repellency (DWR) to effectively resist water penetration. These fabrics are typically made of polyester or nylon and coated with a PUL or TPU layer on the backside. TPU is more environmentally friendly, while PUL offers greater durability, maintaining excellent performance even after multiple washes. We also offer PUL or TPU fabrics in polyester-cotton and nylon-cotton blends for enhanced skin-friendliness. These fabrics are ideal for making diapers, mattress covers, raincoats, and other products, effectively preventing water penetration.

SIKOR-TEX has also developed 200D-1000D nylon or polyester tela fabrics with PU, PVC, and silicone coating technologies. The thickness of the PU coating determines the waterproof performance of tents or backpacks. For example, a PU1500mm coating will not leak under a static water column of 1500mm. Based on practical experience, a PU1000 coating can withstand light to moderate rain, PU1500-2000 coatings can resist medium to heavy rain, and coatings exceeding 3000mm are suitable for various harsh external conditions.

Additionally, SIKOR-TEX has created waterproof and breathable fabrics that not only provide water and wind resistance but also effectively transport body sweat to the outside of jackets. This is achieved through the laminated ePTFE membrane technology, offering a water resistance of 20000mm and a breathability rating of 10000g/m²/24 hours. These fabrics are perfect for making waterproof jackets (commonly referred to as Hardshell/Shell in the outdoor industry), designed to protect individuals from heavy rain and cold winds while ensuring comfort during wear.

Rain water droplets on waterproof fabric.

Please note: While our fabrics exhibit excellent waterproof performance, proper maintenance and care according to usage conditions are necessary to ensure long-lasting performance.

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Suzhou Sikor Industry Co.,Ltd is an innovative enterprise headquartered in Suzhou, China, with extensive experience in the production of high-performance woven chemical fiber fabrics.
Our main fabrics include lightweight fabrics, ripstop fabrics, sustainable and biodegradable textiles, woven fabrics and functional fabrics, especially functional fabrics, waterproof and breathable fabrics, , weldable fabrics, 3-layer laminates Fabric, Antibacterial odor resistant and durable cordura fabric.
These fabrics are designed to provide special protection and are suitable for casual wear, outdoor sportswear, work wear. Various applications including bags, tents, camping supplies and industrial uses.

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