fabric for ski suit

Fabric For Outdoor Sports

SIKOR-TEX Ski Suit Fabric:

When skiing, you need a fabric that will keep you warm and comfortable while resisting cold weather and wet snow. The lightweight nylon or polyester material designed by SIKOR-TEX is combined with coated or laminated technical fabrics, and the excellent performance PTFE mesh structure film can block air from entering while allowing water vapor to pass out, which means that the fabric is effectively waterproof and windproof And it is breathable, which can keep your body dry during long-term sports, isolate the cold and moisture from the outside, and let you enjoy pure skiing fun in the snow.

SIKOR-TEX Fabrics for mountaineering clothing:

Mountaineering is a challenging sport that requires a durable and reliable fabric that can withstand rugged mountain environments and unpredictable weather conditions. Softshell and hardshell fabrics designed by SIKOR-TEX, using high-strength fibers nylon 6.6 and nylon 6 and laminated PU/TPU/PTFE membrane and knitted fabric, this 3-layer structure fabric has excellent abrasion and tear resistance fissure. It's effective against sharp rocks and vegetation, while being breathable and quick-drying to keep you comfortable on tough climbs.

SIKOR-TEX Cycling Jersey Fabric:

Cycling requires a fabric that is lightweight, breathable and stretches to provide a free range of motion and comfort. SIKOR-TEX elastic fabric adopts advanced textile technology, has excellent breathability and moisture management ability, can quickly discharge sweat from the body surface, and keep your skin dry. At the same time, it has excellent stretchability, allowing you to move freely while riding and enjoy a smooth riding experience.

Whether skiing, climbing or cycling, our fabrics will be the best choice for your pursuit of extreme sports. They are carefully designed to meet the needs of different sports, providing excellent protection and comfort. Cooperate with us and let us provide you with tailor-made fabric solutions, allowing you to challenge yourself in sports and pursue freedom and passion.

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Suzhou Sikor Industry Co.,Ltd is an innovative enterprise headquartered in Suzhou, China, with extensive experience in the production of high-performance woven chemical fiber fabrics.
Our main fabrics include lightweight fabrics, ripstop fabrics, sustainable and biodegradable textiles, woven fabrics and functional fabrics, especially functional fabrics, waterproof and breathable fabrics, , weldable fabrics, 3-layer laminates Fabric, Antibacterial odor resistant and durable cordura fabric.
These fabrics are designed to provide special protection and are suitable for casual wear, outdoor sportswear, work wear. Various applications including bags, tents, camping supplies and industrial uses.

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