Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our Laboratory

SIKOR-TEX Testing Center can test the color fastness, pilling, hydrostatic pressure resistance, moisture permeability, strength and other indicators of fabrics. As the core of the quality control department, it controls the quality of the production process and ensures the high quality of the products.

At the same time, we work closely with third-party laboratories to provide test reports that meet global standards according to customer requirements, including: China GB, FZ, QB, HG tests, European ISO, BS, EN, DIN tests, American ASTM, AATCC tests, Canadian CAN test, Japanese version JIS test, etc.


Test Items

Tensile Strength4Washing machine1
Tearing Strength1Dryer1
Pilling2Bursting Strength1
Stoll Type Abrasion1Hot Pressing1
Mace Snagging2Spray Test3
Color Boxes3Wicking Performance1
Difference Checking By X-Rite1Hardness Tester1
Colorfastness To Laundering3Electronic Densimeter1
Water, Perspiration1Automatic Cutter1
Oven2Electronic Top Balance2
Water Resistance Hydrostatic3Universal Impact1
Water Vapor Permeability1Washing Machine1

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