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Is polyester stretchy?  --  Spandex-Free Stretch Fabric

how to stretch polyester? Our common polyester materials are not elastic. but our meticulously designed and manufactured heat shrink polyester fabrics offer exceptional strength and elastic recovery. The T400 fabric, a high-elasticity polyester fabric, rivals spandex in elasticity while being lightweight. It boasts superior dimensional stability and resistance to elastic fatigue. Available in various weights ranging from 40 g/m² to 300 g/m², and featuring plain, twill, satin, double weave, printed stripes, and special weave finishes, our elastic polyester fabrics provide a wide range of options to suit your needs. Experience the perfect blend of strength, elasticity, and dimensional stability in vibrant colors.

 SIKOR-TEX High-Strength Ripstop Polyester Oxford Fabric

Our high-strength polyester fabric is woven from 300D to 2000D yarn, showcasing exceptional firmness, durability, and wrinkle resistance. With options including plain weave, twill weave, and check weave, and available in grammages ranging from 150 g/m² to 500 g/m², this fabric is perfect for various applications. While it is commonly used in flood and rainproof products, it is also suitable for bags and durable workwear that require sturdiness and longevity. Believe in SIKOR-TEX high strength waterproof polyester fabric for your next project.

SIKOR-TEX polyester tela - Lightweight and Versatile!

Our ultra-fine polyester fabric is three times thinner than silk, woven from 10D to 75D yarn. Despite its fine construction, it boasts exceptional strength and is tightly woven into a windproof and waterproof fabric with ultra-small holes. With weights ranging from 20 g/m² to 80 g/m², our ultra-fine polyester fabric offers a breathable and lightweight solution for various applications. Available in plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, and jacquard fabrics, these fabrics are further enhanced through calendering and coating processes. They excel as the top choice for down jackets, sun protection clothing, and outdoor portable travel products, delivering optimal performance while remaining lightweight, heat-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant.

Choose SIKOR-TEX polyester tela for unrivaled strength, elasticity, and versatility. From elastic polyester fabrics to high-strength polyester fabrics and ultra-fine polyester fabrics, our diverse range of options caters to your specific needs. Whether you seek flexibility, durability, or lightweight performance, SIKOR-TEX has you covered. Elevate your creations with our premium polyester fabrics and unleash your true potential!

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Suzhou Sikor Industry Co.,Ltd is an innovative enterprise headquartered in Suzhou, China, with extensive experience in the production of high-performance woven chemical fiber fabrics.
Our main fabrics include lightweight fabrics, ripstop fabrics, sustainable and biodegradable textiles, woven fabrics and functional fabrics, especially functional fabrics, waterproof and breathable fabrics, , weldable fabrics, 3-layer laminates Fabric, Antibacterial odor resistant and durable cordura fabric.
These fabrics are designed to provide special protection and are suitable for casual wear, outdoor sportswear, work wear. Various applications including bags, tents, camping supplies and industrial uses.Feel free to contact us anytime.

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