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Polyester and Nylon: Choosing the Right Oxford Fabric

When it comes to Oxford fabrics, both polyester and nylon offer a range of options suitable for various applications, whether you need lightweight versatility or heavy-duty strength. However, the key difference lies in their specific qualities:

Polyester Oxford Fabrics

Polyester Oxford fabrics are renowned for their exceptional colorfastness, making them a prime choice for outdoor gear and applications where color retention is crucial. Let's delve into some notable types:

300D Polyester Oxford

  • Denier: 300
  • Characteristics: Versatile and lightweight.
  • Ideal For: Tents,Light-duty bags, accessories, and outdoor applications.
  • Additional Information:300D fabric offers a balance between flexibility and durability, suitable for a range of outdoor products.

420D Polyester Oxford

  • Denier: 420
  • Characteristics: Lightweight and versatile.
  • Ideal For: Backpacks, handbags, and small outdoor gear.
  • Additional Information: This fabric, while relatively thin, maintains robustness, making it perfect for applications demanding flexibility and breathability. Its excellent colorfastness and affordability make it a favored choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

600D Polyester Oxford

  • Denier: 600
  • Characteristics: Heavier and more durable.
  • Ideal For: Larger backpacks, luggage, and outdoor gear.
  • Additional Information: 600D fabric offers waterproof properties, enhancing its suitability for moisture-prone applications. Although slightly pricier than 420D fabric, it ensures increased durability and longevity.

900D Polyester Oxford

  • Denier: 900
  • Characteristics: Heavyweight material for industrial and heavy-duty use.
  • Ideal For: High-strength bags, abrasion-resistant covers, and outdoor equipment.
  • Additional Information: 900D fabric boasts robustness, waterproof capabilities, and UV resistance, making it a top choice for outdoor ventures.

Nylon Oxford Fabrics

Nylon Oxford fabrics, on the other hand, are celebrated for their exceptional abrasion resistance, making them a perfect fit for bags, backpacks, and travel gear. Let's explore some prominent types:

1200D Nylon Oxford

  • Denier: 1200
  • Characteristics: Ultra-heavyweight material, perfect for military and industrial applications.
  • Ideal For: Heavy-duty backpacks, military gear, and tactical vests.
  • Additional Information: This fabric excels in ruggedness, waterproofness, and flame resistance, making it ideal for extreme environments.

1680D Nylon Oxford

  • Denier: 1680
  • Characteristics: The heaviest and toughest type of Oxford fabric.
  • Ideal For: Extreme industrial applications, heavy-duty covers, and waterproof requirements.
  • Additional Information: 1680D fabric offers not only waterproof and UV-resistant properties but also flame resistance, ensuring suitability for harsh conditions.

Polyester vs. Nylon: A Choice to Make

The choice between polyester and nylon Oxford fabrics depends on your specific needs. Polyester's high colorfastness makes it ideal for outdoor gear, where vibrant colors need to withstand the elements. In contrast, nylon's exceptional abrasion resistance makes it perfect for bags, backpacks, and travel gear, where durability is paramount.

SIKOR-TEX also provides ultra-high-strength industrial-grade fibers and adopts ripstop lattice design to weave higher-strength Oxford fabrics; we use the solution dyeing process to achieve a light color fastness of level 7. High-performance waterproof finishing, resistance to hydrostatic pressure of more than 8000mm, PU flame-retardant coating, which can pass the American standard CPAI-84 standard, and is flame-retardant and extinguishes immediately after leaving the fire.

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