fabric for jackets

Fabric For Commuting Clothing

The CommuteTech series is a masterpiece of SIKOR-TEX, specially designed for urban commuting. It blends great functionality with style to keep you moving on and off your commute.

Whether it's a jacket, windbreaker or down jacket, our CommuteTech fabrics provide you with all-round protection and comfort.

Fabric For Jacket:

The CommuteTech Jacket fabric features advanced water repellency technology that repels unexpected rain and moisture to keep you dry. At the same time, it's breathable to keep you comfortable and refreshed in the bustle of the city. Our jacket fabrics will not only provide you with protection, but also become your fashion equipment, allowing you to exude confidence and personality on the streets of the city.

Fabric For Hoodies:

CommuteTech windbreaker fabric focuses on lightness and windproof function. It adopts high-density weaving technology, which can resist the cold wind and weak rainfall in the city. At the same time, it's soft and comfortable, keeping you comfortable and stylish on your commute. Whether traversing a crowded subway station or strolling the city streets, our trench coat fabrics will serve as your fashion shield.

Fabric For Down Jacket:

Our CommuteTech down jacket fabric will keep you warm and protected during the cold winter months. It uses ultra-fine and ultra-fine nylon fibers. Different from the general fabrics on the market, CommuteTech adopts a high weft density weaving method. The weft density of the fabric is closer to the warp density, which can effectively prevent the down from drilling out, and the tear strength is also greater. Locks in body heat against cold urban climates. At the same time, it focuses on sleek fabric textures and a lightweight design to keep you comfortable and stylish on your commute.

Choose from UrbanTech Fabrics' CommuteTech range of fabrics and you'll experience outstanding protection and style. Whether it's the rush hour commute or the hustle and bustle of city life, our fabrics will provide you with comfort, protection and style. Blend in with the city and express yourself in our fabrics. Whether you're commuting or lounging around the city, our fabrics will be the perfect choice for you. Enjoy commuting time and feel the charm of the city.

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Suzhou Sikor Industry Co.,Ltd is an innovative enterprise headquartered in Suzhou, China, with extensive experience in the production of high-performance woven chemical fiber fabrics.
Our main fabrics include lightweight fabrics, ripstop fabrics, sustainable and biodegradable textiles, woven fabrics and functional fabrics, especially functional fabrics, waterproof and breathable fabrics, , weldable fabrics, 3-layer laminates Fabric, Antibacterial odor resistant and durable cordura fabric.
These fabrics are designed to provide special protection and are suitable for casual wear, outdoor sportswear, work wear. Various applications including bags, tents, camping supplies and industrial uses.

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