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Custom Versatile Workwear Fabrics

Our special workwear fabrics are designed to meet the highest standards in protection and safety for all industries where it is necessary by law. No matter the weather conditions and harsh working environments, it is essential to dress appropriately and maintain a perfect image.
Each type of fabric has unique properties and advantages to meet the protection needs of different working environments. We use innovative protective technologies to provide maximum protection and comfort in the event of accidents.

Workwear Fabrics

SIKOR-TEX is proud of its waterproof and breathable technology, which applies high-performance PTFE film to classic 3-layer fabrics to protect workers from harsh weather conditions, while allowing sweat to escape and keeping them dry. Our stretch nylon 66 provides high wear resistance. Different combinations of technologies can also easily achieve functions such as oil resistance, flame retardancy, and anti-static.
In addition to the functionality and quality of the fabric, we are constantly committed to safety and environmental sustainability in the development and product series compilation process.

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